Women no longer need men to get sexual pleasure – Actress Angela Eguavoen gives reasons

Angela Eguavoen, a Nollywood actress, has explained why most women no longer require a male to get sexual happiness.

The actress explained the reasoning in a recent interview, claiming that numerous technological advancements are quicker and more enchanting than males.

Women can even enjoy themselves without the help of men, she asserted. There are devices that are more quick and sexy than men (laughs). Why even date a woman if you’re broke? A man should be able to provide for himself before considering into a relationship.

“Dating a woman is a responsibility, and it helps the man become more “manly,” so that when he gets married, taking care of his family won’t be a big concern anymore.

“If men want women to appreciate them, they must pay their partners’ bills. Why should I be “very” submissive to a man if I am the one taking care of my responsibilities? Men should evaluate their ability to support their female partners in times of need.

Women view relationships as a business opportunity rather than a sexual one. Why should a man want to continue having sex with a woman but not want to spend money on her?


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