Woman accuses musician Xcellente of assaulting her and her friend


A woman, pictured left, has accused an up-and-coming musician of assaulting her and her friend at their home after they offered him accommodation because he had nowhere to stay
Instagram user @Zarah_empire shared a video of her house which had allegedly been ransacked by up-and-coming musician Xcellente. She said he turned the house upside down while he was beating her and her friend.
She claims Xcellente came to them begging for accommodation so they offered him a room. However, he attacked her friend physically and verbally because she sent the gateman on an errand. Zarah said that when she stepped in to intervene, he beat her up too.

She shared a video showing the wounds she sustained during the physical assault. She claims he hit her with the wire of a fan and pushed her forcefully against the stair’s handrail, causing the rails to shift.

According to the woman, Xcellente is nowhere to be found now.
Watch the video below.


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