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Why many Nigerian artists with beautiful voices often remain unheard.


To become a fully-fledged music star is not just limited to being gifted alone, but it is necessary to possess the right information and power to resist opposing forces against your music career and destiny.

Every country or organization has its rules and regulations. People often become victims because they lack knowledge. You want to become a music superstar, how much information have you gathered about the music industry?  

Many songs became a hit, even won awards after the death of their composers due to a vow they made but could not fulfill. While some died because they were not spiritually fit or prepared. You can remember Dangrin, 2 PAC, Michael Jackson, DJ Arafat, Ebony Reigns etc. Therefore, to be famous and also rule, you need power; many appear muscular and physically strong but are spiritually weak and powerless, while some may appear weak but are spiritually strong and powerful.


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