Why female artistes should be encouraged —Yemi Alade

The popular artist, Yemi Alade Alade has suggested that more efforts should be made to the promotion of female artists.

Interview on Saturday Beats, she said, “I know society favours the male child in areas such as Africa but that hasn’t prevented me from doing my best.

“The media also have an important role to play and must be conscious of efforts to help female artists and provide them with the exposure and platforms they need and deserve.

“Even the questions you ask can be phrased in a different way. Instead of constantly asking about the issues and not taking action it is possible to ask what they can do to assist. Females require a level playing field instead of constantly having to show their worth. We really need this kind of media support.”

Alade who dropped a new single called ‘Begging’ said that the song was inspired by love. She stated “My new single is about seeking the love that one deserves and maintaining one’s standards until one finds a love that gives as much as it takes.”

She also mentioned that she will not be hesitant about showcasing the beautiful cultures of Africa whenever she can. She stated, “I have always believed in authenticity and being authentic. This belief has been reflected across every aspect of my professional and personal life. Everything you see nowadays about me from fashion to music and my lifestyle, is me at my core. There isn’t any agenda at all.

“My unique style and my love of music are a reflection of who I am. It’s who I am without a doubt. There is plenty of beauty within our culture and I am content to show Africa at every chance I have. I am grateful to have a platform on which I can bring Africa into the spotlight via my videos, music, and fashion.”

What she believes to be her most significant accomplishments to date, the artist declared, “My greatest achievement is knowing that regardless of where I am at any given moment my family will be well-taken and taken care of. This is the greatest gift I could ever receive and I am very grateful for it to God.”

In her interview, she discussed the ways in which she has grown through her career, Alade said, “I consider change to be one of the things that is constant and each day there is a new thing to be introduced. For instance I had just one live band from Nigeria travelling around the globe but now there are three of me. There is one group located in Europe for European concerts. I also have a band located in the United States of America, as well as a third in Africa. This year, we’ve performed at a variety of festivals, that span from Amsterdam (The The Netherlands) up to Belgium, Paris and Vienne (both in France).”


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