What does the new iPhone 13 have to offer?

After a long wait, the newest iPhone series is finally open to the public. Not just one new Apple phone, but four were announced in September and they swiftly became the most sought-after items for tech-aficionados around the world. There is the iPhone 13, as standard, plus the Mini, the Pro and the Pro Max.


The general consensus is that the iPhone 13 is built for watching and creating content. With the continued improvement and availability of 5G, as well as bigger and better screens, iPhone users will have plenty at their disposal. 5G’s capabilities will allow people to download 4K films and movies in minutes. Additionally, they will be able to bet on an extensive range of sports in-real-time, as the play unfolds, as 5G is much faster than previous wireless technology.


There’s more. If you want the highest tech sitting in your pocket, or if you’re wondering what your next phone should be, take a look at all the features that come with the latest Apple drop.


The basics

As mentioned above, the newest iPhone drop isn’t just one phone, but a series of phones so you can get your pick of a range of options. For example, the iPhone Mini is, as you can probably decipher, a smaller, and cheaper version of the newest phone. As an affordable alternative to the iPhone 13, it’s smaller in size and in price. However, it matches the standard iPhone 13 in storage with the three options available being 128, 256, and 512GBs. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max offer an entire terabyte of storage in their powerful casing.


Speaking of casing, Apple stepped away with its need to standardise its look and offered a massive range of rainbow colours to inject some personality into its phones. The Pro and Pro Max only come in four colours: gold, silver, graphite, and sierra blue, but the standard iPhone and its mini counterpart offers red, white, pink, blue and black.


If you’re someone who gets most of your entertainment from your phone, you’ll be looking for the screen sizes. As the name suggest, the iPhone 13 Mini is the smallest of the four, with a 5.4” screen. The standard iPhone and iPhone Pro offer the same 6.1” with the Pro Max offering the biggest screen at 6.7” as well as the best resolution at 120Hz across the series.


The power

More than the phones themselves, Apple announced the release of their new A15 bionic chip that is embedded in every one of the Apple iPhone 13 phones. It promises a far faster phone with a battery life that is greatly extended for every phone. The iPhone 13 Mini will last 17 hours, the standard, 19 hours, the Pro 22 hours and the Pro Max a whopping 28 hours.


The new chip, combined with the iOS 15 software makes for the most powerful iPhone yet. There will be no long loading times or buffering wheel of dooms with these phones.


The camera

In a world increasingly filling with content, we’re all looking for the best camera to capture our best moments. Lucky for us, the iPhone 13 phones are fitted out with the best camera’s Apple has to offer.


The iPhone and iPhone Mini offer two cameras in the back, where the Pro and Pro Max offer three. The three cameras offer a wide angle, ultrawide angle, and telephoto camera so you can flex as many creative muscles as possible with your phone.


Like the iPhone 12, the cameras offer a superior capturing experience, with beautiful and clear photos just a click away, even in low light. No more blurry gig photos or pixelated night-time photos.


While the phones were the big selling point, there was also a new, more powerful Apple Watch announced, as well as a new iPad and iPad Mini. Contact your phone provider to look at their deals for the newest and most powerful phone on the market.



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