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Video: Ghanian Prophet David Owuor Says The World Will End On 12th April 2020 Night


Self-proclaimed Mighty Prophet of God, David Owuor, has prophesied
that there is a more devastating and scary calamity in the coming days
which will replace the dreaded coronavirus.

who is the head of Holiness and Repentance Ministry says the pandemic
worse than the current COVID-19 pandemic. In a video that has since gone
viral on social media, Owuor states that the world should be prepared
for the pandemic which he says will completely wipe out the human race.
In the same video clip. Owuor says that human beings will be struck by
painful boil“There is a tremendous plague worse than the coronavirus
that you see in Asia.

The Lord has commanded me to strike the
earth and I have struck the earth, so there would be a lot of painful
boils which are round and would become ripe full of fluid. They have a dark eye which would burst..” he said.

dreaded and feared Prophet now has cursed the earth with a more fatal
plague than coronavirus.Prophet Owour is not new to controversy. In
2019, he claimed that he foretold the earthquake that was felt across
more than six counties in Kenya.

He claimed the occurrence was meant to remind Kenyans to repent of their sins. When locusts invaded Kenya, Owour said he had predicted the menace before and that it was just but a fulfillment of his prophecy.

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