Video : Flash Ikumkani – iQhawe

iQhawe is the title record of his album that was released last year and it features Leezy to highlight the aspect that not all heroes are just males and heroines are very much part of our society. The story of the music video is young Flash Ikumkani and young Leezy finding ways to escape the pressures of being forced to be part of the stereotypes of the hood and they find a way to evolve into better people even though they come from the slums. Dylan Bhebhe directs it in a manner that showcases them watching themselves going through these phases in the hood and finally fight the system. The video is riddled with swift camera movements which instantly amplifies the record into the classic which it already is.

Flash Ikumkani has recently embarked on a pioneering #UmbonoWam High School Tour which he had partnered with Vodacom & Score Energy Drinks to encourage school children on how to successfully penetrate the multimedia industry. He visited 5 schools in King Williams Town & 4 schools in East London to complete the tour successfully.
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