VIDEO: Boko haram Leader, Shekau Says He Shot Down Airforce Plane and He is Alive [DOWNLOAD&WATCH]


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Boko Haram dreaded commander, Abubakar Shekau said he is not dead. And the man who appeared in the latest video resembled the one who released previous videos, and spoke in the same manner.
What is more worrisome is that fact that Shekau has revealed that his men shot down the Air Force jet that was declared missing by the Nigerian Military about three weeks ago.
Shekau showed a man said to be one of the pilots of the Airforce jet and said he kept him alive for one week and learnt a lot about how to fly an aircraft.
Before the pilot was killed, he was allowed to speak. He said he was one of the pilots and that he did not know where the other one was. See the video below…

Shekau also said Gwoza, the town he declared as part of a caliphate in August, is now being run under strict Sharia law. In the full video, some people were seen being executed and others receiving other forms of punishment. A man accused of adultery was stoned to death.
Shekau said contrary to recent claims by the military, he is alive and will continue to elude the authorities. The date which the video was recorded was not stated but Shekau made several references to Konduga town, which the Boko Haram made fruitless attempts to capture in the past two weeks.
In the 36-minute footage, Shekau appeared at an undisclosed location with scanty vegetation. He speaks in Arabic, Hausa and
English for 16 minutes 12 seconds. The remaining part of the footage showed gory footages of “offenders” being executed and
some receiving other punishments.

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