Vet Doctor Warns People Against Use Of Rat Poisons


Dr Mutiu Oladele-Bukola of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan, on Thursday warned people against the use of rat poisons to kill mice.

He said that the mice which ate the poison could contaminate other food items in the home, thereby making them dangerous for human consumption. “As rats move from one place to the other, they carry these poisons in their mouth and even their body; they contaminate food and water meant for other animals and man.

“Besides, the dead mouse could decompose at an obscure corner and start smelling, thus making the environment uncomfortable for living, while becoming a breeding place for infection.

“This is very dangerous to both animals and human because if such contaminated foods are consumed, they can cause ill-health or even death of the consumer,” he said.

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