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Transgender Bobrisky Attends His Father’s Birthday Party Dressed As A Real Man


Nigerians on Instagram are hailing Bobrisky for ditching his transgender style and attending her father’s birthday party dressed as a real man with a ‘D’.

Bobrisky out of the respect he has for his father and probably to avoid questions about why he’s now a transgender, cleaned his makeup, took of his wig and appeared like a man to celebrate his father’s birthday.

Photos and videos of Bobrisky dressed as a man at his father’s birthday party have gone viral on the internet with a lot of reactions from his fans and followers.

In the of the photos, he was seen in black attire with a cap without his usual thick makeup and wig.

It’s obvious that Bobrisky isn’t proud of being a transgender but for social media, he has no option than to keep the transgender brand.

Check out the video and photos below…

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