Top 8 eCommerce Landing Page Secrets and Tips for Killer Growth

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When looking through a myriad of options, it is the product with a clear description, image, and possible use for the future that catches a customer’s attention. This is important for any seller because presentation adds value to their product.

An eCommerce Landing page is similar to that presented product. It is a singular presentation that catches someone’s eye and pulls people to the shop. It has to ensure that the customer logging into is invested and willing to shop further.

Marketing is the main goal of an eCommerce landing page. The purpose of a customer landing on the said page is to persuade them to make a purchase. The first step is already completed when they clicked on the link to this landing page. Now, the work is to keep the purchaser engaged.

It is the job of experience ecommerce developer  to ensure that. Here are 8 secrets and tips to ensure that your eCommerce landing page hits a Killer Growth.

Call to Action (CTA)

The Call to Action is the answer to the question: what do you want the customers to do once they have landed on your page? More often than not, eCommerce landing pages offer multiple different offers all at once, thus confusing the customer and diverting their attention from the one thing they had clicked the link for.

The most important point of having a landing page is giving the customer something to look for. There should be a single offer in front of the people. However, that is not the end of it.

While the offer is singular, the CTA buttons must be multiple. By giving the customers multiple options, you are allowing them the freedom to browse, while at the same time reminding them what they are doing on your page.


The Three-Second Rule

When people click on the link to come to your landing page, their attentions hold for about three seconds. In these three seconds, it must be clear to them that:

  • Who or what are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why are the customers important?
  • What should be the customer’s next step (regarding CTA)?

The answer should be short, crisp, and to the point. If it keeps the people lingering, they are more likely to move on from the given option. By ensuring, through texts and visuals, that the people are interested, you automatically make the traffic grow.

Pay attention to the Visual Element

Nobody likes plain text. Images park imagination, and the better the quality, the better the result. People love spending time on the visual aspect of your product. Whether it be a demonstration or a picture of the product itself.

Along with a picture, a short video ensures that people have a better look into the purchase they are possibly going to make. By seeing the implications of their investment, people get invested.

The visual element however is not the only thing. It is important to pay attention to the color scheme of the landing page. Contrasting patterns catch a person’s attention and using so t the CTA button will get people’s attention. By playing on the visual component of your work, the eCommerce landing page can do well.

Furthermore, there is only a section of the landing page that would be visible at the first glance. It is important to make sure that the area remains catchy yet sleek.

Getting the Right Traffic

Here, the question that needs to be answered is what is the purpose of your landing page? If the link you offered had a certain instruction, and the landing page fails to meet up that expectation, you are setting yourself up for failure.

The clarity must reflect on your page. In the case of sales, the information, as well as the access, must be restored at the first glance. To ensure that the target audience is interested in what your landing page is offering, it is important to have the relevant segment visible in the first instance. People greatly enjoy it when they find just the thing looking for.

Make it Easy

While this may seem like a given, you would be surprised at how many landing pages are filled with things that have no relevance to the product. A consumer never likes to be felt foolish or confused.

By observing the traffic patterns, seeing the click rates and order places, you can conclude what is working for the customers and what is not.

The navigation system of the site, the main menu, is often placed at the side or molded with the site on the top, not in the direct eyesight. This is done so that the navigation is much easier for people and they can look for things they want to.

By removing excessive buttons, you will also be ensuring that the people are first becoming invested in your product rather than having free reign over the entire website.

Another thing you can do is make the process simple and effective. The shortening of terms and conditions and having quick and necessary steps ensure that the people are invested in the process itself.

Add a Human Element

With several websites popping up on the internet, it becomes important to have a personal touch on your eCommerce page. While the information about the company itself is great, what truly makes the mark is the words of fellow customers.

An honest product review, endorsement by someone known, and a testimonial with a face ensure that customers know that the product is very real.

Testimonials and reviews work as a magnet for more customers. By seeing a human face and an honest opinion about your ware, customers are more likely to consider moving forward with the purchase.

Discuss Pricing and Shipping

While landing pages do not often have pricing and shipping details right at first glance, just by scrolling down this information can be quickly made available. A simple difference between ‘free’ and ‘paid’ services, followed by the concerns of shipping can make work much easier.

It is more often than not that prices, especially shipping prices, are the reasons that people abandon their shopping in between. Clearing up the doubt on the landing page ensures that customers feel trusted.

A/B Testing for better benefits

Once you have done all the above necessary work, it is important to see how people respond to your landing page. By using the A/B testing method at random, it is possible to gauge reaction as well as make changes as necessary.

While testing a landing page, it is important to look at a single variable at once. Making too many changes can confuse as well as very diverse reactions. This testing is done to ensure that the changes that need to be done are in accordance with the customer’s reaction.

Using the given tips and secrets, it is possible to make the eCommerce Landing Page show significant growth. While it all depends on your product, these little things can make a big difference.



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