Top-3 Body Language Signs That She Likes You



Usually the body language of a girl speaks louder than her words. It is sometimes hard for a girl to show her physical attraction. But if you not paying some attention to her body language she might find someone who does.

So here are 3 main signs that she likes you

1. Grooving
Girls develop their attraction through touches. Touching is a rather intimate process. So if you see that a girl touches your arm, shoulder, leg or back, she is trying to make a connection. When she touches you it means she wants to become closer with you. Even if her touches are seemed to be accidental – she might be sending you a message. Try to give her a wink or just smile to her. In such a way would tell her that you are waiting for her next move.

2. Leaning
Women like to lean. When she likes, you she would lean towards you to make the physical gap between you smaller. So when she feels that there is a connection between you both she wants to get closer.

3. Look at her head
When a woman is speaking with someone she is attracted to, she usually flips her hair. Or she can throw her head back when she is laughing. Also you can notice that she is licking or biting her lips. She might even be playing with her straw or glass when she holds a drink. So when she shows some attention signs throughher mouth, she is subconsciously revealing her desire. So you can be almost sure that she likes you!

Of course one single gesture doesn’t mean she is in love with you. But when you see two or more of these body language moves you can have more confidence that she likes you. So than you should be careful and be ready to make the right next move.


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