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Too Bad Inmessage and Tinder social app for Chat, meet, dating now a Den Of Runs Girls


Too Bad Inmessage and Tinder social app for Chat, meet, dating now a Den Of Runs Girls

is happening to our Nigerian ladies? Rather than be creative and try to
be someone in life by using their acquired skills as graduate to solve
problems in the society and make money for themselves, they are lazying
about using the social media for prostitution which is totally wrong.

and Tinder is a social app for Chat, meet, dating and 75% of young
Nigerian ladies have taken over it as a marketing tool for connecting to
their clients ,for the fact that young ladies now post profiles that
speaks more on their commercial sex trades and provocative photos of
them also just to attract men for hookups, all for money.

The Big
question is Why then go to higher institutions to become graduates in
the first place? Has Nigeria gone this bad that our ladies can’t think
with their brains again and become responsible people in the society? I
mean, we have female pilots doing great in Nigeria; we have Nigerian
female writers; we have successful Nigerian female business CEOs;
top notch female event managers, top female bloggers, female fashion
designers and responsible Nigerian female lecturers and professors and
sport stars.

Why Prostitution? Do These Nigerian ladies have
feminine pride anymore? Has it gone so bad and Do these ladies still
feel like human after sleeping with multiple of men all for money just
because social media app like inmessage and Tinder have made it easier
to connect with people? Do these Nigerian girls still feel like they
worth anything in this life? Despite the fact that there are lots of STD
and the dreaded HIV/AIDs and other forms of venereal diseases , also
these girls stand to risk their life to the hand of rituals killers and

One can sometimes reason that in the future when these
type of ladies settle down and start having children(that’s if they do)
do they still feel like responsible mothers? what type of child do they
want to train to become in the society and I really pity our unmarried
young guys because many will be unaware that their future wives are runs
girls or former run girls , In fact this inmessage and tinder app has
proven that virtually 6 out of every 10 young Nigerian ladies now is
into social media hook up which is the new lick for these girls of easy

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