Tiwa Savage Lied! -Take a Look at this 6 Facts | In Responds To Her Husband’s Allegation


I don’t think Tiwa Savage loves TeeBillz right from the start. They married cause of the circumstances surrounding them back then.

I watched the video interview of Tiwa Savage. And I have a few thoughts on it.


Seems to me that the basic idea, coming from a PR perspective, was to pull a fast Olivia Pope ish on the scandal which broke a few hours ago. And  understandably so. Tiwa Savage is a Brand Ambassador for a few top brands such as MTN, Pepsi and Pampers.

They’ve both been living a fake life, I guess TJ was tired of it, that is why he bursted on Instagram to say his mind. If truly Teebillz was planning to kill himself before the interview then he would have committed suicide after seeing Tiwa’s interview.

There might have been some truth in what Tiwa said, but that doesn’t also rule out the fact that some of what she said was untrue and poised to garner sympathy from the public.

We think Tiwa Savage lied alot during the interview, -Take a Look at this 6 Facts/Proof

#1:. Tiwa savage says her husband doesn’t take care of their child-Jamil.. how can you be saying your husband doesn’t take care of your child when you upload photo’s of him feeding Jamil.

When you shared adorable pics of him rocking same outfit with your child. To worsen the case she says her husband hasn’t bought anything for Jamil, how’s that possible?

#2:. Lie Detector instead of God

Tiwa Savage denied the allegations of the trysts she purportedly had with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid and Tuface.

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This is funny but true, when Tiwa savage was talking, she said she can go through a lie detector test but didn’t mention swearing with her life or better still mention God while talking.

Tiwa Savage Addresses Tee Billz’s Accusations | DOWNLOAD VIDEO

#3:. In a bid to elicit some linear empathy or something, Tiwa was made to think that looking humble and contrite corresponds with tying a dormitory scarf on her head and looking casual in a T Shirt was a good way to send the message home. I think it only demystified her brand more.

This is a video which would be watched for years to come and even more so by her kid. Having tried so hard to be a Beyonce clone in Nigeria (and that’s my perception of her artistic projections all these years), she should have known too that Beyonce never plays with her optics in any way.

That scarf and sombre look wasn’t the right optics, if you ask me. There are more visually acceptable ways of projecting a diva’s side of the story and her PR team ( if she has any) , so she messed it up there.


#4:. Tiwa Savage is very much like Beyonce but lately her fame has been dethroned by her colleagues, she’s just trying to regain her throne before the scandal occurs, she has to back herself up with solid statements which she did successfully in recent interview.

#5:. She never revealed what really happened between herself and husband TJ, she claims to be begging her husband a week ago to let them be friends. Everyone knows it’s not possible to apologize when you’re not at fault especially when you sick and tired of the relationship.

#6:. Lastly she played the innocent am sorry game- when you love someone you won’t expose this much about the person. to review this much about someone you claim to love is pure wickedness.

Imagine she says her husband takes cocaine and also EFCC is looking for him

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