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These are 10 Funny Pictures memes Sex Starved Guys Can Relate To

Written by iwonpopular

These are 10 Funny Pictures memes Sex Starved Guys Can Relate To

1. When you hear a new girl just packed to your area

 2.You begin to lay ambush so that you can woo her before other guys have her attention

3.When you finally approach her, you begin to tell her sweet and romantic words and how you intend to make her your wife

4.When you successfully convince her to come and visit you and she promises to come the next day

5.And then all what is running through your mind is this


6.When she finally arrives and you don’t know how to start, then you will begin to go in and out of the room for no good reason looking for something that is not even missing 

7 .When you finally summon the courage to make advances and she denies you access, you become cold and quiet looking like someone who just lost a relative

8You summon the courage to try again yet you failed. Then you will be like

9.Out of frustration, you just have to swallow your pride and beg.. Edakun!

10 When she finally gives in

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