The South Needs The North When It Comes To Presidency , Comrade Danmuttaqa.

Leadership is persuasion, not force .. If you don’t have the skills,  don’t dare force yourself or interest on others or any person or group of persons…
Northern Nigeria Youth Organization (NNYO) calls on politicians or political managers to go by the simple rules of Democracy, which is: the control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. The minority needs the majority, so negotiate not to fight.
NNYO, urge the parties to give room for intraparty debates and interparty debates to enable the best and right person(s) to emerge freely and fairly across the board.
If not, Northern Nigeria will produce the next president in the way and manner southern States dominate the economy of Nigeria, IGR and Allocation shares.
We should note that no section or unit of this country does not have presidential materials.
Comrade Danmuttaqa.
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