TeeKing TV: Why you must follow this site as its launched. (launching this weekend)


Looking at the site, one won’t believe it was developed and is owned by a newbie blogger in Nigeria. With the tags introduced by the CEO, Mr Mudashir Tunde popularly known as “Tee King” of “TeeTechnology”, one can presume that the blog to fix the untouched but highly needed Niches by Nigerian blog readers and the general public as a whole has already surfaced. Many newbies focus on Entertainment (musics, videos and copy&paste Gists) which is highly congested already. The news you find in one site will be the one you still find in another site, etc.
Now let me introduce to you the tags I’m talking about and so you can see why I’m much interested in writing this post for the site.
These tags include:
1. Groceries: In developed countries, you don’t need to leave your home before getting the current price of foodstuffs and other commodities. All you need is type something and in few minutes, you’re updated and could even get the stuff if only you’d wanted to. TeeKing TV now brings to you an opportunity of getting updated with the most current price of commodities at different popular markets from the comfort of your home.
2. TeeKing Diaries: Few bloggers have now discovered how needy Nigerians (especially females) are of entertaining and educative stories. Entertainment nowadays doesn’t stop at what we already are familiar with; music and videos but goes way beyond those two. The reason for the birth of this tag which you can easily find under Entertainment Page on the site (Entertainment >> TeeKing Diaries). Get entertained with interesting Episode Stories.
3. Fashion: Much more than what you’re being offered in other fashion sites, TeeKing TV brings to you trending fashion styles with our local Ankara and Guinea materials.
4. Campus Life (Gists): As TeeKing TV focuses on adult affairs, it also created a page which brings to you what’s happening in Nigerian institutions where you are expected to contribute by comment and also according to the CEO, your comments may be published on the site depending on how it is.
5. Sports News: Not only males anymore, females’ love for sports especially soccer has grown over the years. TeeKingTV presents to you a designated page for Sports News around the globe.
6. Updates and many more: Also, just as you expect of it, TeeKing TV has provided a tag which will be updating you with latest News across the globe.
Imagine all these features in just a single site, a reason for it being called a MEGA SITE.
Stay update. Read TeeKing TV daily and get your latest music mp3 and videos on IWonPopular
I’m sure you can’t wait to see the site.
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Instagram @teekingtv
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