“Sylvester’s blood is on us all. We all failed him” – Pretty Mike writes


Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike has said Nigerians failed Sylvester Oromoni, the young schoolboy who died after allegedly being beaten up by seniors at DOWEN College.

According to Mike, Nigerians are all expressing outrage now and calling out bullies, but all citizens had a part to play in Sylvester’s death.

Read his post below ;

It’s obvious we still live in a society that would rather apportion blames than own up to its errs. Every detail about Sylvester’s incident has been so so disheartening…..

This young man’s blood is on us all, as citizens we failed him, our culture failed him, the government failed him, the educational system failed him, the health care system utterly failed him and his bullies are equally products of a failed parenting system.
For crying out loud, this young man was home for a day or two prior to his passing and with all the X-rays and medical examinations the healthcare system couldn’t even determine a semi-accurate prognosis

Nigeria keeps Deteriorating. I don’t want to talk about this country, because we the citizens equally hate ourselves.
I just pray this doesn’t end as hashtags #JusticeForUwa #JusticeForIni #endsarsprotest pretty complicated controversies with no solutions or justice in sight.
We keep looking for who to blame
🤔,can’t we see it’s a circle that keeps vomiting the same product?

Some of us were bullies as kids and are still bullies as adults. We bully our maids and drivers in front of our kids.We are driving on the road, cursing/raining harsh words,fighting and even threatening people in the presence of our kids.

We buy expensive violence-promoting video games for them,we allow them watch UFC fights and wrestling matches. Worst of all,some of you parents fight and exchange harsh words and bully ur spouses right in front of these same Kids and you expect them to be decent folks for society just like that!

Abeg Make all of us, including me, Just Shut Up!🤧 #FailedSystem #FailedEnvironment #FailedPeople


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