How Spain based Nigerian musician was brutalised by police in Benin City


The latest victim of Nigerian police’s brutality is a singer based in spain Evans Frank Eguasa better known as Youngface . He recently alleged that he was brutalized by the policemen at a checkpoint .The police men on duty didn’t recognize who he was and he didn’t reveal his identify as well.In a phone conversation with media , the musician said he was stopped and was asked of his vehicle particulars, drivers license which he gave them and lastly they requested for The system permit which he was about bringing out to give the policemen ,they seems intimidated and forcefully asked Youngface to follow them to the police station (State CID) which he did and upon reaching the station they had already started beating him in their vehicle and threatened to shot his legs if he did not confess of what he did not do.

So he was with them in the station till the next day which he was asked to pay 500,000 Naira which he was unable to provide because he had not committed any crime and cannot waste such Hugh amount for nothing, he didn’t seem to comply they decided to give him some more dose of beating threw him in the cell again some minutes later they called him out and asked him to pay 110,000 Naira.

Out of unbearable beatings ,He was able to provide the 110,000 Naira and he was released at that same moment ,from the looks of things the policemen started having some quarrels among themselves on how they will share the funds , that gave the artist a chance to receive a call from his uncle who was able to inform some top rank officer on the matter in Airport road in Benin city , The top officer had to send some his boys to the state CID where youngface was held. Immediately the policemen that came to rescue youngface entered the police station at state CID the officers who were behind this ran away immediately so as not to be caught out of shame .

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It was learnt from a source that the policemen in that area are known for brutalizing young men on the claims of being suspected fraudsters and they must have mistaken Youngface for a fraudster.While he is a Musician and business man he has done song with mike anyasodo iMike of project fame titled Overheat and also has a new song and video coming out this december with Skales titled Ororo.

The Artist has been in pains and has been hospitalized due to the beatings he had received from the policemen .

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