She Said Yes! Actress Ini Dima-Okojie & Abasi Ene-Obong Are Getting Married


Congratulations are in order for Nollywood superstar actress Ini Dima-Okojie as what she expected to be a “cute cheeky date” with her boo, Abasi turned out to be the night he popped the big question and she said yes to the love of her life.

Ini made the exciting announcement on Instagram with adorable photos from the proposal night, giving us the details behind their love story which involves a lot of emails.

According to Ini, her first encounter with Abasi was two years ago when he sent her an email, requesting to send her maltesers from London after she had ranted about not being able to find one in Lagos.

About two years ago, on one random day I was ranting on my Insta stories about not being able to find fresh crispy maltesers in Lagos (they are one of my fave chocolates)
Next thing, I get an email from an Abasi titled ‘Maltesers from London’ 😅 saying he saw my rant on Instagram and he was in London at the time and would love to send some maltesers to my manager or representative’s address.
One week later I got a whole bag filled with maltesers. I was so happy, I posted it on my Insta stories saying I had the best fans.
But you were not just a fan and boy did you let me knowww!.
Reading our old emails now… I can’t help but smile and thank God for how far we’ve come.

No matter how long it took me to come around or how much I pushed back, you were ALWAYS THERE,… in one of your emails you said “I’ll move mountains to be in the same space as you Ini” and that’s what you’ve always done.
Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for being everything you are to me. I can’t thank God enough for bringing you my way.
YOU ARE A MAN ABASI…In the way I can imagine that God expects a man to be.
You are a force, not just cos of what you do but who you are inside.
You are a kind man, a good man, a man of integrity, a man I can depend and rely on, a man I can be completely vulnerable with, a man that I feel safe with… a man that I love.
I love you Abasi, more than words can describe. And I am so ready to walk this path of life with you baby.
Here’s to Forever❤

That’s not all. Ini also posted the adorable proposal video and it has us in our feelings. Captioning the video, Ini further wrote:

I SAID YES !!!!!!!

What I thought was going to be a cute cheeky date with my boo turned out to be the night that he asked me to be his wife in the presence of all the people that I love. (Eeeek I still can’t believe it🤗)

It was truly the best night… like, you couldn’t have planned a more perfect proposal for me. I don’t know how you just knew, It was like you went into my mind and heart and knew exactly how I would want it.
But I have a confession, I didn’t hear a word you said baby😭 I was busy crying…I was really relying on this video.😭😭
But yayyy we have a wedding to plan 🥰


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