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Shaku Shaku Artistes Are Not Likely To Remain Relevant – Groove Bairn


At the backstage of an entertainment event held on Victoria Island,
our reporter was able to have a quick chat with this buzzing fast
rising artiste, Groove Bairn. When asked how he sees Nigeria music,
his response was, ‘Though Nigerian artistes are getting more
recognized and accepted around the world, the music business is
getting more complex and expensive by the day. Higher quality and
better standard are being demanded and that ofcourse comes with a

Further asked his opinion on why upcoming artistes hardly make it to
stardom, he said, ‘Oh, that one is simple. Misplaced priority, not
studying the game well enough to have a solid plan and of course,
finance. I am not immune likewise. Going with trend is also risky,
because when the trend fades, the artiste will find it difficult to
remain relevant. ‘. Well we hope unlike this set of artistes, you have
a game plan and the finance to take you to stardom, goodluck Groove.

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3 Comments on Shaku Shaku Artistes Are Not Likely To Remain Relevant – Groove Bairn

  1. Very true Groove.
    the trend is a trap jahre

  2. Shaku shaku artistes have controlled the music scene this year sha.

  3. Sing your own bros. make we hear word biko

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