Senegalese Students Brutally Beaten & Called “Ebola” at NYC School


The Ebola situation in New Yorks City prompt the brutal beating of two African students.

According to the Huffington Post, the boys who got attacked and hospitalized after the brawl were in the sixth and eighth grade. The Senegal natives have been in the U.S for over a month when officials claim students called them “Ebola” and accused them of having the deadly disease.

They call me from the school tell me come, they’re beating your children,” said Ousmane Drame, the father of the children. “He was crying, laying on the floor, more than 10 children on top of him, beating him.”

An immediate disciplinary actions have been taken by the school.

If they go to the gym they don’t want them touching the ball – ‘Oh, you have Ebola, don’t play with us,’ Drame said. “They don’t know nothing. They’re babies.”

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