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See What People told The Three Nigerian Officer who claimed to be 21 Century Officers


See What People told The Three Officer who claimed to be 21 Century Officers 

These 21st Century Officers promises to be the ‘change’ Nigerians are asking for on twitter as they posted it but some Nigerian youths told them the opposite

Some also told them that based on how their name revealed much of their identity, They were children from the Elite from Northern Nigeria that was why they were able to find them self in the NPF

 Another said to them that When Obasanjo was transforming the military to a compulsory merit based organization because a research discovered that 60 percent of its officers have been corrupted by politicians thus the need to purge them of these born to rule elements people called him all sorts of names.

Another said Nobody should trust any police officer. They’re all evil wicked and greedy. Nigerian youths are their worst enemy

Someone also told them that they were attached to Convoys at the moment that is why they are calling themselves 21 century officers , By the time they send them to be stationed under the bridge and road side they will regret

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