See The Castle Where Queen Elizabeth Spent A Night In Ijebu Ode In 1956 (Photos)

When Queen Elizabeth came to Nigeria In 1960 before the independence, we reveal to you where she passed the night.

When we talk of Nigeria history, the Ijebu people will always be noted as one of the wealthiest Billionaire tribes and there is in another dimension as they’ve been rich right from the pre-colonial era.

One of the Notable billionaire of the old who flexed their dough hard includes Ijebu born businessman and philanthropist, Timothy Adeola Odutola. Before we go into the evergreen edifice this man built, we would love to run a short profile of him.
Chief Timothy Adeola Odutola (1902- 95) Is a prominent businessman and Philanthropist from #Ijebu-Ode.

He attended St Saviours Primary School Italope and Ijebu-Ode Grammar School. He started work in the Colonial Service and later went into business selling damask and fish.

He became a Produce buyer opening large storage units and transportation lines. By 1960 he had created a conglomerate including three factories, a retail franchise, a cattle ranch, a 5,000-acre rubber and palm oil plantation, a sawmill, and export business.

Chief Odutola became so rich that he had a personal relationship with the father of Queen Elizabeth, George VI.

In 1956 during her Official visit to Nigeria, the Queen of England; Queen Elizabeth II was scheduled to visit only Ibadan, Enugu and Kaduna as the regional capitals.

Queen Elizabeth requested her visit be rerouted to include Ijebu-Ode to enable her to visit Chief Timothy Adeola Odutola, the Ogbeni Oja, her father’s friend who usually wined and dined with the royals at Buckingham Palace.

She passed a night at Ijebu-Ode and what a privileged visit indeed. Behold the Adeola Odutola Lodge, Ijebu-Ode (built, 1939).



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