SEE These Stupid Girls Sending My Husband Their Nude Photos (Please Advise Needed)


A married woman based in Abuja has forwarded this to  Iwonpopolar blog some private photos of ladies that many people will see and love, not knowing that they are cheap prostitutés. See Details and photos below…

My name is Lydia and I live with my husband in Abuja. I am one of those obsessed with your website and I need advice from your readers if I should go for a divorce or not. I was enjoying my marriage until my husband’s
friend who is a Pimp and works with immigration sent nudé pics of 2 of his girls to my husband phone via What’s App.
He sent the two girls Susan and Ada all the way from Port-harcourt to Abuja to come and have séx with my husband just for money which the prostitutés did.
Two weeks after the prostitutés travelled back to Port Harcourt, one of them named Susan continued from where he stopped and sent pictures of her fellow whore nick named Koko to my husband Via What’sApp.
I don’t check my husband’s phone but the moment he started locking his phone my instinct told me he was hiding something and now I’ve seen what he is hiding which is that fact he have started cheating on me.
Please find attached the Screen shot of the chats I took from my husband’s phone which he had with his friend and the one he had with Susan.
Please my heart is bleeding, I’m 23 and just married for 2years and no kids yet because am still a student. I await your readers advice.
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