Sanusi couldn’t change from being a social critic to a traditional ruler – Governor Ganduje


Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has again explained why he dethroned Muhammadu Sanusi as the Emir of Kano in 2020.

The Governor who appeared on a Channels Television programme, said the former Emir failed to change from being a social critic to a traditional ruler.

Ganduje added that while Sanusi inherited the assets of a traditional institution by giving orders, staying in a mansion, dressing gorgeously and being addressed as a king, he however failed to inherit the liability of that institution which is watching his words.

He said;

“Well, the real story was that the deposed emir of Kano did not understand the responsibilities of a traditional ruler especially for a strong institution like that of Kano.

“The emir of Kano was a social critic, a celebrated social critic and there was nothing wrong with that because he is an educated person, there is freedom of speech.

“When I was the deputy of Governor Kwankwaso, Sanusi was an executive director in a bank and he made a statement that instead of providing water in the state we were building a house in Abuja– the governor’s lodge in Asokoro.

“I remember my governor said either the bank sacks him or we should withdraw our accounts from the bank and the bank did not sack him, so we withdrew N969million from that bank. That was the work of a social critic.

“But when he became the emir of Kano, he refused to change from that stature to the stature of a traditional ruler. He is an economist but he failed to understand [that] in economics you have to inherit assets and liabilities. But he only inherited the assets of a traditional institution by giving orders, staying in a mansion, dressing gorgeously, being addressed as a king but the liability of that institution, you have to watch your words, you have to watch your tongue and he didn’t do that.

“That was the problem. That was the biggest problem; that he could not change his mode of life from social critic to an institution.

“As of now, that institution does not afford a social critic of his style. With the problem in the society, he was destroying the institution. That was why I had a problem with him; he was destroying the institution.”

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