Samchuks Emeka New Year Resolution to you


MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION TO YOU. This is New Year and I know you will be thoughtful of putting up some New Year resolution and goals to archive.
I have to start this year with nothing moving me except for my selfless attitude towards touching lives, blessing lives and someone telling me when am old, that is because of you Samchuks Emeka I was able to fulfil my destine.

Stop sitting around thinking about what will happen when you achieve your goal; instead, take action to reach it. Remember, your resolutions are to make you feel happy and accomplished. Don’t be put off by one tiny mistake or misstep. Treat every day with fresh enthusiasm and passion to change your life for the better.
Advice is always easier giving than receiving, but this is something that stuck with me, and it inspired me to share some lessons I’ve learned.

1. Invest in yourself:  
Movement is important especially when so many sit at a desk for 10+ hours a day. Am saying this because I know some many will take over some other people’s job and others will be sacked or quit and when this happens, people will know the true you.

2. Structure your goals:  
I started writing my goals down and structuring the visualized goal as if it was already achieved. In my early 20′s, I was amazed when I started reaching these goals by the date I had listed on them. It was a daily visualization exercise, and it almost always works. I believe the things you put your energy towards the most, will most likely come true over everything else. Structure your goals.


3. Pay off your debts: 
Some debt is good for building credit, minimizing risk, and so on, but there are some debts that weigh most people down from truly following their passion and living an amazing life. Pay off the debts that weigh you down as it’s an amazing feeling once you do. Read this book by Ramit Sethi for help on this and finally

4. Don’t let others dictate your life:    
If you don’t want to live a normal life where you go to a job you hate just so you can enjoy your weekends and get two weeks to vacation every year… then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Read “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris or other inspirational blogs about creating a lifestyle around a business you want to live. No excuses just do it already. Am working on meet you at the top by ending of this year so work it out, take action and be the action.

 5. Add to your skill set.

You are known for over a decade as a food stuffs distributor, contractor, electronics seller or a cinematographer who have refuse to try something else.  Take a moment and ask yourself why you can’t learn a new skill and any answer you get will be the solution to you. As continuity personnel in the movie making industry, learning about movie editing will be a plus one to your profile and add money to your bank account. How about you as a cinematographer adding the knowledge of directing to yourself? It will boost your profile and a director adding blogging to him. There’s no reason while you can’t learn a new skill. If you are an editor, learn to produce.

 6. Read To Know More:

Reading frequently will help you understand some certain things that ordinary you won’t have known about or even believe do exist.  For you to be established in career management business, you have to read regularly, understand the gradual change in the management business, you have to understand what promotion of talent and product is all about. Tips you will need to succeed in any business or way of life, has been writing by someone somewhere who have the experience you seek to succeed. Books contain the recipe for a successful scripting. The profits of reading don’t end there! Reading regularly will also help you to use the vocabulary. Happy new year to you.

7. Network within and outside your craft:
Attend functions that will give you the opportunity to Meet potential clients and/or generate referrals which you can then follow up on to hopefully add to your client base. Networking can also help you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business.  You will need to meet and communicate with potential clients and business partners on a regular basis to maintain your business relationships. Attending business luncheons, conference and other networking events that will raise your personal profile and can help keep you front and in the notices of the right people.


ABOUT SAMCHUKS EMEKA.Popularly known as SAMCHUKS EMEKA, is a Nigerian On Air Personality, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, International Indigenous Content Producer, Ambassador (Choice Magazine and OdenigboTV), he is also a Cinematographer,  a Visual Director and a Blogger.

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