Prince Joe Okojie makes progress AGAIN in Edo State

Prince Joe Okojie makes progress AGAIN in Edo State

Prince Joe Okojie makes progress AGAIN in Edo State

Prince Joe Okojie makes progress AGAIN in Edo State

We were told a story of how the late Onojie of Ugboha was approached for a land on which they could site the factory. When he was briefed about the project the land was needed for, the man took them to his personal palm farm and told them to take possession of it. The old king was asked why he would give up a project that yields him income, the old wise king replied ‘my palm farm feeds me and my family only. What you people want to do will feed an entire generation and project the name of my community to the world.’
Today sitting on the former palm farm is a 75% completed 1000 ton capacity rice mill.

Agrotek was also given land by the ministry of Agric to cultivate rice (they have planted already) and they have a mandate to buy up whatever our local farmers in esan land can produce.


This made us to pay an unscheduled visit to Pemo farms, where they are building their factory at Aviele to cross check what we had on paper! Pemo is one of the 11 companies Hon. Prince Joe Okojie has helped to take off within his 15 month tenure as Commissioner for Agriculture in Edo state!

We gathered from the MD, Henry Okeme that the factory will produce rice, yam and plantain flour and corn flakes at Aviele. It should generate about 2000 direct jobs and their present challenge is young people are not willing to come into the lucrative job of farming as only their farm cannot service the 10 tons an hour rice processing plant they are setting up!
Prince Joe Okojie (Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources) has promised to improve the lives of Edo State by providing job opportunities, good and affordable food etc… for the people of the state and beyond through his platform and office.

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