How to prevent unauthorized access to your Netflix account



The global expansion of Netflix has exposed the video streaming website to so many unauthorized and illegal activities. One of this is an unknown person using your Netflix account without your permission. Although Netflix is making efforts to put a stop to this trend, users need to take certain precautions to ensure that their accounts are firmly protected. So, if you are a Netflix addict,we show you several ways you can determine if your Netflix account has been compromised or not.


Keep an eye on your account

This is the simplest way to decide whether someone has been using your account without your knowledge. You can check a rundown of what you have been watching. Click on your account and from the drop down menu, select ‘viewing activities link’, you will get an unadulterated list of all the movies  you have watched. If you discover any movie you did not watch on this list, you should know that your account has been accessed by someone.


Watch your language

Since Netflix is now used globally, the language on the website reflects each region and country. If you are in the Middle East, the language should be Arabic, not English. However, if your language has been changed to one you cannot fathom, someone has already taken over your account. You need to quickly change your language before they exhaust your access. In other cases, this may actually be a mistake from the server but it’s better to change your password either ways.


Check to see if you’ve been “pwned”

‘Pwned’ simply means ‘conquer to gain ownership’. In other words, you have to check to determine if someone has taken control of your Netflix account. If this is the case, you may not be able to log into your account. This is because hackers are always prowling for vulnerable accounts. You will more susceptible to hacking if you use similar passwords for all your account. To determine if you have been pwned, sign out of all your devices, and change your password.


Recent account activities

This is another way to ensure that no one is tapping your Netflix account. The viewing activity page will give you a quick preview of your account activities. You can see the date and time you watched a video, the IP address and location as well as the device on which the video was watched. Check this regularly and if you notice anything fishy, then you should know that your account is compromised. The best solution yet is to replace your login details.

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