Post your Selfie and win over $150 in Septin911’s selfie competition @septin911 | @septin911dotcom


Yes you saw right dear,Its actually that simple,it’s period of give away’s and trust me they are bringing it hot,after Linda Ikeji’s give away monday to all her commenters,a wooping 25K each,another blog and site to reckon with Septin 911 is giving away $150 ,please tell me reasons why you wont participate?? *straightface*

To participate read below and drop and comment if you find anything confusing we would provide answers.

We’ve all seen amazing selfies; the facial/pout selfies that is either a hit or miss, different selfies showing the amazing structures of different parts of the body , the selfie with monumental locations at the background, celebrity group selfies, after sex selfies and even extraterrestrial  selfies taken in the space, but you’ve to agree, there are some selfies that just beat other selfies.
Here is a chance to win $150 without stress; all you have to do is TAKE A SELFIE THAT WOULD BEAT ALL OTHER SELFIES.
Terms and Conditions;
i) No selfies depicting sexual or violent images,
ii) the selfie must be YOUR selfie,
iii) No NUDE selfies.
Send your entries to, share with the hashTag #Septin911Selfie on Twitter @septin911@septin911dotcom and Instagram @septin911
You can send at most 5 entries. Now take an awe-inspiring selfie, tell a friend to tell a friend and you could be the lucky winner.
The #Septin911Selfie Contest kicks off today, Tuesday October 7, 2014 and will last for Three Weeks. Check back to see the top selfies of the week.
TWITTER: @septin911 | @septin911dotcom
Instagram: @septin911
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