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Popular Singer Davido condemns the state of the road in his state, after visiting for quarantine


Popular Singer Davido condemns the state of the road in his state, after visiting Osun state for quarantine amidst the COVID-19

Award-winning singer Davido has condemned the poor states of road on his home state of origin, Osun state, as he recently visited his hometown Ede, in Osun state Nigeria for quarantine amidst the COVID-19 and he didn’t like the way the roads have remained the same way despite a new administration, so he took it up on micro blogging social media platform twitter to rant about it and his fans exchanged some comments with him along the conversation

“All roads is Osun f….d up ! Everything still the same smh Sad”

One of his followers questioned him why his billionaire father, Adedeji Adeleke did not utilise the money spent on private jets for the roads construction in Osun state he only Responded , he said “if they let him why not”

This is really serious

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