Police announce arrest in killing of Takeoff

In connection with the killing of rapper Takeoff, a 33-year-old man was detained on murder charges.

According to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, Patrick Xavier Clark was taken into jail without incident on December 1st, Thursday night.

One day after another guy was charged in relation to the shooting on November 1 that left two other people injured, Clark was apprehended. According to the authorities, the shooting was the result of an argument over a game of dice.

When Takeoff was shot by gunfire on November 1 outside a Houston bowling alley, he was a “innocent bystander.”

Friday, December 2, Clark was lodged in jail pending a bond hearing.

Police Sgt. Michael Burrow claimed at a press conference on Friday that Takeoff was “an innocent bystander” and that the shooting had been caused by a dispute over a “lucrative” game of dice.

According to Burrow, no one who was present spoke to police before leaving.

According to Burrow, some of those individuals have subsequently been discovered by the authorities, who have also sought to reconstruct events using ballistics, video, and audio records.

He claimed that detectives are still looking for potential witnesses.

He said, “We’ll be trying to find you.” “If you come find us, it will be simpler.”

Authorities detained Cameron Joshua in relation to the shooting on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Joshua was accused of illegally possessing a gun at the moment Takeoff was shot, although the 22-year-old is not thought to have fired the weapon, according to the prosecution.

Joshua’s lawyer, Christopher Downey, told reporters that he has not seen any evidence to imply that his client was responsible for the murder of Takeoff.

According to Burrow, the rapper was murdered by what authorities suspect to have been Clark’s bullets.


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