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Photo : Artist shocks visitors by walking around museum n@ked while carrying nude baby


A Swiss artist who made headlines last year by pushing paint-filled eggs out of her vagina has caused another stir by walking around a museum starkers while carrying a baby.

Visitors including many children were left stunned as brunette Milo Moire, 32, walked around the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in the town of Munster in northwest Germany as part of her Naked Life exhibition, which sees her stripping off to express her art.
The artist was slated last year by critics as ‘absurd, gratuitous, trite and desperate’ for her Plop-Egg exhibition.
Some museum visitors were left unimpressed. Anke Lange, 30, said:

 ‘I’m all for expression and alternatives in art, but this was just ridiculous.
‘From what I gather, she thinks that getting her clothes off, looking at paintings of nude people and holding a naked baby makes her become part of the art.’

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