PDP & APC vs Your VOTE


pdp vs apc

With many citizens looking forward to the general elections, very few are not even excited because some of you out there already sold your vote or rather your right to decided the living condition of majority of Nigerians for the next four years.

Running to grab any item thrown into the wind by politicians, injuring yourself to have a piece of your future, while none of you will never genuinely come out to protest against a failing administration.

Same people who Queue up to get a piece of the four years sacrificial peace offering which will not return till another four years during campaign, will take to their neighbours door and complain about the regret of a failing government.

Some would even lose their voices arguing on the bus, or fighting for the aftermath of their collective mistakes. Think about this ‘Why take IOU at the beginning of a new month, knowing that on pay day, it will feel like the beginning of another month all over?

Why not ignore poverty for once, wait for the harvest of your vote. Why not tell yourself the truth, that who ever bribes his or her way into office will have to pay back the debt before thinking of making profit for their selfish needs, neglecting your need.

It is a shame that we get sold, same lame stories during campaign and we just foolishly sell our vote for peanut, party flags, face caps, branded handset, errand change, tubers of yam, bag of rice, wrappers for one night of cold weather, hand band of shame, which won’t leave us when they finally show us their true colour.

The aftermath then becomes harsh for us to swallow. We then fast forward our anger to the future, the next four years. Chose wisely, vote for what you believe in, do not let their smiles and trick get to you. Do not ignore your anger and pain of the last four years, as well not fail to express your happiness and joy of the last four years.

Let us stay united, ignore their campaign lies, let be objective about how we translate their jingles on TV or radio. Stay happy, vote for who you believe in, not the items they give to you in other to take away another four years of you happiness. I don Talk my own oh.

Culled from Naijalifestyles

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