Oshiomhole’s Statement And Actions Have Placed Obaseki, Shaibu’s Mission In A Panic State


I have heard and read several comments and remarks from the PDP, Obaseki, Wike, Shaibu, Dino Mélaye and other leaders of the PDP but they point to one thing which is not “Godfatherism” in every comment and argument.

On the other hand, Adams Oshiomole in the APC is the only person who makes statements and provides correct reasons for his statements.

The PDP claimed that the APC was interested in Edo’s state affairs, because Oshiomole wanted to take over the state treasury and control the state’s affairs.

Oshiomhole ‘s statement was about neglecting the projects that he began when he was governor and about his inability to complete them.

Oshiomole is an excellent speaker. Obaseki, Shaibu knows this and because they believe they can match his level, they always attack him and this is really impossible. If they think they can match Oshiomole, they can hurry faster than chicken, as there are two legs of Oshiomole, Obaseki and Shaibu are well ahead in a number of ways and nothing can deter them.

While the PDP places its trust in its camping organisation, seek support and hope that people can continue to join the PDP. On the other hand, Adams oshiomole used his mouth washing statement for sleeping many PDP members and many begin to understand that the APC is the way, that they are leaving APC’s PDP. Even some Obaseki family have left him and it shows that everyone is jittery, because they know that Shaibu fan base has become low and small.

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The PDP, Wike, Obaseki, Shaibu are doing everything they can to save Oshiomole, but this time nothing can be done.

In 2016, Obaseki won the election due to the highest votes in the ranking of Oshiomole. When Oshiomole comes to a halt and ends its bid, it would be a heavy blow to the PDP, to the Obaseki and to the Shaibu bit. I am confident that the PDP has little to gain or lose because they have taken their share as tax collectors already.

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