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Wizkid vividly I recalled back in 2011 dropping smash album”superstar”, with charts topping hits from holla at your boy to tease me, from don’t dull to pakurumo and more,you took the industry by storm,young,energetic and vibrant with unforgotten hits ,captivating voice and immense talent,grabbing awards and gracing expensive shows both home and abroad, no doubt a game changer, a perfect game changer ! Every young kid want to be Wizkid .

Here came 2012,year of EME-cee, you took the shine of the crew,laced graceful and lovely hooks on 80% of the album songs,you so fly,hot and invisible.

More shows and awards never stop rolling in. Starboy himself never seems unstoppable.

And 2013, you seems superfly,you were at your very best,in between controversy and misunderstanding with your then manager (Osagie) and record label,EME Ent,u popped out singles- hits singles! Upto 20 singles ( a whole album) back to back rocking airways, topping charts in just 1yr, 1 year I repeat,smiles..bro here is a piece of advice putting out a lot of songs out in just 1 year is simply going to sell you short you still have a long way to go and no body does that in the world not even music icon Tupac, Jay Z and our very own Tuface idibia.

Your style is monotonous- same style,same theme of songs all I heard is baby-baby-baby, huh! People are getting bored of hearing same thing every blessed day ,baby songs will never make you a legend, it will never take you anywhere,fine it will put couple of millions in your account, buy you designer clothes and gold chains and some expensive fancy cars but for how long will that be before the brand Wizkid vanished?

Bob Marley,Tupac and Fela Anikulapo kuti became legends basically because of the unrivaled contents of their lyrics about life, reality, freedom and brutality of mankind,they did it for a long time and they did it perfectly.

Wizkid, listen and listen carefully,you need to start buying songs like a real professional,you need to go back to your winning team(Osagie and Banky W), let them be in control of your career just like when you guys started back in 2010.Remember these people are well read and older thus they possessed lots of exposure and experience you might never get in the next 10yrs.

You need to understand you are a big brand who has a name/image to protect, you need to step up your game, surround yourself with highly educated entertainment professionals not your so called semi-illiterate
team.You need to understand the fact that the music industry is highly competitive,growing very fast with new artists springing up every blessed day.They are mean,hungary for fame and fortune and committed and simply want to dethrone you and the rest of reigning established artists.

Take time to pen good and meaningful songs,get professional song writers and slap it with classy expensive videos not all those 2-seconds-one-spot videos you are giving us,they are not helping your brand. “Holla at your boy” and “pakurumo ” videos became big hits and highly successful just because their story lines were carefully written- perfect scripts,good directing with high budgets which I believe is the handwork of the master planner himself,Mr. Banky W.”The matter” was a very good song-great delivery, great breath control,lovely rhythm and killer beat but the beautiful song was killed by a cheap and conceptless video.

Davido will spend his last penny to get good and well written songs and slap it with classy and High budgeted videos.He wasn’t a freak to have shot 3 videos for his hit song skelewu that shows he classy ,he’s professional, he wants the best,he has big taste ,he knows what he doings and what he wants .I see him doing different styles, very versatile, very diversify,tell me why he won’t grab those MTV awards and swept off heart of fans.Davido is practicing what I called PWMS-Professional Western Music Strategy i.e. buy songs, shoot classy videos and get good results,everybody does that around the world, that’s the professionalism, from Beyonce to Rihanna, Chris Brown to of course,the late legendary Michael Jackson. Banger Lee aka D banj aka Kinniun funfun will also spend his last to get the best producer to give him best of production and world class videos and massive promo same thing goes to the undisputed twins called “P square”.Stop doing things anyhow, stop giving us rush up jobs -production and videos,they are not helping your brand. Be more
professional, be more committed, control your temper, control your ego,stop changing managements-it kills,your career,one management hasn’t finished implementing his strategy on you to excel in your career, you
sacked him get another and start afresh, bro that’s career s*****e!

Respect your management, listen to them they are working round the clock to make you remain at nos 1,they are thinking for you to excel,stay humble,they are the drivers of your success,your success lies in the hands of thier great ideas and strategies.Stop the idea of I-can -do-it -by-myself just because you made couple of millions ,got fame and knew some OAPS and Djs, fame and fortune isn’t enough. It has killed many (artists) and will still kill more. Stop tightening hands over your career, you need to spend more on your career, if you don’t, it will die , money will stop coming in and might go broke .

Incase you are wondering what this is, it’s no beef just a piece of advice material for you to get things right. Am your nos 1 fan, I respect your talent and hustle but I hate seeing my hero falling so has many other music lovers in Nigeria and beyond. I wanna see you doing music and doing it big for the next 10,20 years maybe more.


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