Should Olamide & Don Jazzy Have Ended Their Beef So Quickly? Here’s What I Think!



It’s so sad that Olamide and Don Jazzy have ended the epic feud that set the course of our 2016 year on very high notes. Thank you Banky W! I mean how do you explain staying up all night to watch a terribly dischanting award show only for it to experience a tastefully entertaining and dramatic switch up towards the end, which eventually kept many of us up till the wee hours of the morning? I learnt some didn’t even bother going to bed again sef. I don’ gerrith!

Olamide cussed Don Jazzy out to hell and back in a very tumultuous Twitter show. While his ferocious outrage continued to gain torque which dear fans helped in refueling to special relish, a lot other unsavoury detail was brought to public bear. Olamide made very untold declarations about the person of Don Jazzy and whether it be true or false, we sha can’t deny that his was quite the tweet revelation, though soooo not the holy book style. We had began to really wonder if all of that strummed from not getting head and the fact that a Hyundai ix10 was also kolobi-ed in the process.

How do we move on so swiftly from Olamide’s tyrannical nature and his maniacal attempt at either exposing or perhaps damaging the reputation of a man we’ve come to so dearly love? How do I begin to unsee Don Jazzy as the benign, humble guy who follows and responds to almost everybody on Twitter but still hasn’t followed or even retweeted me despite several tweet pleas, as the same iridescent guy with a penchant for ‘chancing’ his boys? How do I advance from this crash point of limbo where largely everyone now considers The Headies as an epoch lighthearted charade like in the case of spelling the word knee without the ‘k’?

Someone tell me how?

What about Wande Coal? He was unlucky to have been spilled some cow dung during the emotional fracas but yet he thought a jump and pass reaction would suffice. D’Banj nko? Imagine a fellow a-lister publicly declared him ruined. But when I come out to say hey, the cat lets loose on all your unbridled tongues. Oh, how do I forget dear Adekunle who got robbed of his joyful moment just because one tout couldn’t control his nerve endings that were too visibly electrified by hate? The shandalooloo that acted itself out live on stage continued with a vengeful monologue at The Headies green room, followed by fisticuffs seloquesence perpetrated outside the award show venue by barraging fans.

How does one move on from all that?

There’s still Davido, the chief farmer-at-large who planted this seed of discord long ago that has now germinated thorns, leaving Cynthia Morgan, Kiss Daniel, Di’Ja and their label cohorts to be embroiled in this messy happenstance by ill luck’s stroke. Then Vic O, that one is just a sorry excuse for a celebrity wannabe misfit… a classic muzunga that allows every wind of change ferry him around in whatever direction it blows, who wanted to pry off the gains of the Nigerian music top 2 cartel leaders. If you ask me, saying sorry doesn’t cut it. No! Not at all. This beef actually had very productive expectations but Egbon Olamide and Ogbeni Jazzy have chosen to sell the market short. If you like say whatever, I’ve lost the urge to care.

Do you really think our industry has thrived because we’re all friends in this bi’ness? You couldn’t have possibly thought that. Competition might be the bane of a market’s profit, but beef like this is kind that heightens the performance of a brand. It keeps it functioning optimally. And that’s exactly what we needed. That’s what our industry needs at this time. Everyone and everything else has gotten very complacent. Even us too the fans, and that needs to change! I’m not excited at all that they quickly decided to pucker up and bury the hatchet. The implication is that it sells us short as an industry and exposes the people defect as ones who can’t even maximize the potentials latent in such a dire situation. So sorry oh, but apology not accepted!

This industry has no friendship policy. If you must fight, please fight! We may not always envisage dramatic moments like this but we can sure as hell be in control of it’s narrative when it happens. We have the power to tailor it in whatever direction we want it to go. So please pull out your berettas, come with guns blazing, let those gloves come off, fire heavy shots and let us know that you are fighting. Not to be doing us teaser like as if it’s music video they want to release tomorrow morning. That’s just trash abeg! Oh, and I think I can already see LAWMA coming in the distance…

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