No Hoodlum attacked Ikoyi Prison , Prisoners set fire to the Prison in other to plan escape

Two days ago , the Ikoyi Correctional Centre was set on fire, to what is believed to be an attempted jail break of inmates maybe aided by an invasion of thugs from outside as most people mistook it to be , because as Smoke were seen coming out from the facility as some policemen were engage in a fierce gun battle for a while before the people around that vicinity observed.

A detailed reports according to Arise New tv ,have it that it was the prisoners that set some part of the building on fire in other to plan an escape from the prison yards and as the fire get toughed, thick black smokes were seen over the skies .

That made it to cause a lot of commotion as inmates were trying to break out of prison , also as the incident unfolds there were sporadic gun shot been heard in the area thundering the skies by police and prison officials to calm everywhere.

A Prison officer as been interviews on Arise news revealed that , the fire came from the prison yard, and it was perpetuated by the prisoners in other to try to escape but it was not successful.


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