NNYO Asks Lagos State Government To Swap Okadas



Lagos State Government, Should Probed all the Motorcycles been seized and confiscated by Taskforce and other enforcement Agencies from 2008 to date..
The recent ones should be swapped with Data Collection, Monitoring, Auctions and 2wheel to 4wheels to the satisfied victims or hand them over to accredited motorcyclist Unions, the acts will cushion the effects of the banned.
Based on facts, 85% of Arewas and associates being the major Operators, Victims and a few unscrupulous elements that deed everything to bastardise the image of the community will not be forgiven and should be punished for not obeying the law of the state. Therefore, we are still appealing that other areas within VIP LGAs where the law permits should not be restricted, if the riders and the union complied.
We call on the leadership of the Arewa Community, Arewa Okada Riders Community Association and other Stakeholders to start Sensitization and Enlightenment campaigns in other not to become victims of Circumstance again, since the Government of Lagos State is now zero tolerance on abuse of laws, rules and regulations by Okada Riders and other related business…
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The South Needs The North When It Comes To Presidency , Comrade Danmuttaqa.

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