The Nigerian Senate Passes Bill For Cyber Crime [Yahoo Yahoo]


OK, here’s the special announcement. So this week, the Nigerian Senate passed a bill which states that any Yahoo Yahoo person caught will go to jail for seven years or pay N7million…or both.

Once the bill is passed into law and you’re caught committing cyber crimes, including computer-related fraud, computer-related forgery, offences relating to Indecency, cyber-stalking and cyber-squatting,you’re going to jail.

The bill has passed through second reading and it’s awaiting enactment so it becomes a law. Once it’s passed into law, it will become an offense for anyone to commit fraud using a computer system or network with the intention of obtaining computer data, securing access to any programme, commercial or industrial secrets or classified information.

It will also be an offense to be in possession of a manipulative device, unauthorized Automated Teller Machine, ATM card, damaging a computer with the intention to defraud, trafficking in any password to defraud customers or financial institutions

If you’re convicted, it’s 7 years in prison or a fine of N7 million or both.
If you’re convicted for committing any offenses relating to violation of critical national information infrastructure, then its 10 years without the option of fine.
15-year-jail term for anyone who commits this crime and it results in the harm of another individual.
Life imprisonment for anyone who commits this crime and it leads to the death of another person.
And finally, if you own a cyber cafe and you allow the fraud to happen in your space, then it’s 3-year jail term or N2 million fine

The Senate is just waiting for the president to approve…and Gboa!

End of announcement…:-)

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