Nigeria Ebola Death Summary! Confirmed Ebola cases in Nigeria now 17 – Health Minister Reveals


Here’s an updated summary of Nigeria’s Ebola Virus Disease Status by Minister of Health Prof Onyebuchi:


• Total number of confirmed EVD cases in Nigeria = 17 ( including the index case).
• Total number managed in Lagos = 14.
• Number successfully managed in Lagos and discharged= 7
• Number of deaths in Lagos = 5
• Number presently on treatment in isolation in Lagos = 2
• Number of death in Port Harcourt (did not benefit from standard management) = 1( a doctor who treated a secondary contact of Sawyer’s)
• Number of patients under treatment in Port Harcourt = 1
• Number of patient that was ‘treated’ in Port Harcourt (no stand treatment) and fully recovered = 1
Total number of survivors in Nigeria (as of today) including those treatment =11;
• Total number of deaths in Nigeria (as of today) = 6.

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