Music: War Veteran Family -Nwanyi Soweto [@Warveteraninc]




We Want to use this Track Nwanyi Soweto to thank all war veteran soldiers all over the world.Soweto is a location (Town) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sowetan Women are very Beautiful , They have Big Hips and have Extra Large Curves.They use their Hips, extra Large curves and sexuality to keep many foreign men captive.
That is the reason many foreign men dont go back to their country after having encounter with sowetan women.Due to that most foreigners believed that they are using spiritual powers to charm men but their Big hips, Curves and sexuality is their secrect.
The song is all about Sowetan women and the way they do their thing,Also to all the soldiers /Hustlers all over the world to always rememeber where they come from. No matter how beautiful and seductive Sowetan woman awlays keep their hips and curves. A soldier must get home no matter the trials in journey of life.


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