MUSIC: Reflex Soundz-SHOKI CHAN (Prod.@reflexsoundz) {INSTRUMENTAL+CHORUS}


In the spirit of the “Shoki” dance trend “Reflex Soundz” Presents an infectious Tune for the Nigerian Dancefloor(s) , But this is kinda different this time. He invites fellow talented artist to go to the studio with this material and drop verses on the song as he only delivered the catchy chorus on the song…giving everyone the opportunity to have their own versions. Its Titled “SHOKI CHAN” (JACKIE CHAN)….. I bet deejays would be playing this even without verses on it yet…. LOL at the Chinese Movies mentioned on the hook….Is it me or the shoki dance actually really looks like a Chinese martial art/kung fu move…just probably a more rhythmic version….


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