Mohbad alleged assaulted at Marlian house following request to change manager (Video)

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, a Nigerian singer, said on Wednesday that his management team assaulted him after he demanded a different manager.
The native performer is signed to Marlian Records, which is run by Naira Marley, a fellow Nigerian musician.
Mohbad said he was assaulted at the Marlian House by his management team in a video he posted to his Twitter account.
The singer, who was wearing a white singlet, was visible in the seven-second video clip with bruises on his hand, neck, and back.

“Just because I want to change my manager which is their brother, see what they did to me at Marlian House,” he wrote.

Furthermore, he clarified that he was not drunk when the incident happened, adding that his management may use that as an excuse.

“I’m not high oo cos that what Dey always say just to die down everything,” he added.

The singer, however, added, “World pls help me oo I’m dying inside”.





But reacting to the allegation, Naira Marly described the incident as a “family affair”.

The singer claimed that Mohbad was probably “high” (drunk) when making the complaint in a response to the situation in an Instagram live video.
“If Mohbad hadn’t made a video on it, I wouldn’t even bother explaining because it is not a significant issue; rather, it is a family matter,” he declared.
“Mohbad is obviously not in his right mind. He is obviously not in a good frame of mind. Why therefore would I touch Mohbad or permit anyone else to touch Mohbad?
“I don’t even know how to explain it, but obviously, in the group chat, he stated that he wants to switch managers. This is likely the result of an altercation between Mohbad and his management, but the manager is not my brother, so I am unsure of what Mohbad is likely saying. But it’s clear that he’s probably high.
But as soon as he comes to, he will defend himself and apologize as usual.
Mohbad has a history of becoming drunk, which impacts his emotions and actions, Naira Marley said on his Twitter account. #ImNotPerfect. All disagreements would, however, be settled amicably inside the record label.


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