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In the ever shifting climate of the Hip-Hop world, Material Theory stands as an embodiment of several aspects of the culture: lyricism, fashion, self-reflection, and experimentation. Though young, Material Theory presents themselves as big league contenders with seasoned sonic grace and precision. Their debut EP, Blunt Promises, releasing in the late 2016, demonstrates as much, and delivers a cohesive sonic experience from it’s spiraling intro, “Dawn”, to the sensually intimate closeout, “Dusk”. The concept of the project represents the hardships associated with advancing through life, love, and relationships, while maturing as part of a 21st century society. Tackling unrequited emotion, loneliness and longing, the carefree consciousness of youth, and the pressure to conform to societal norms, Blunt Promises is an extended metaphor, a period piece of a new generation. The EP is enveloped in a sound Material Theory has dubbed, “Turnt Vocals”: passionate, exuberant, melodic, forceful, and heavily filtered vocals that serve as the driving force of each record. Blunt Promises features industrial influenced backgrounds, soft and airy melodic harmonies, hard, crisp kick drums, and heavy, booming bass lines that resonate in your chest cavity. Forcing legato melodies and staccato rap flows into collusion, Material Theory has intertwined delicate R&B; grooves with immersive Rap patterns, coining the term Rhythm & Rap. Coupled with stellar production provided by Purps of 808 Mafia, Ado The God, Lexi Banks Music Group, and a host of other producers, Material Theory has crafted an addictively pleasant sonic appeal, and promises to deliver in the bluntest way possible.

Material Theory


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