Marvellous Benjy Apologies to Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Music


Marvellous Benjy started out with Kenny Ogungbe’s led Kennis Music. The record label that once projected and promoted rave Nigerian crooners like 2face, Soundsultan.
He was signed onto the label in 2005 and his contract was supposed to expire in 2008. But along the line, he felt like not working with them again, due to the fact that it failed to take him to the next level. That was why he was motivated  to set up a label on his own .So that lead to a breach in contract and relationship between Marvellous Benjy and Kennis Music went sour.
Suprisingly On Thursday, August 6, 2015 Kennis Music act Joe EL held an album release party for his debut album ‘Timeless‘ at Rumours Night club, Festac, Lagos. The event which was hosted by 2Face Idibia had in attendance CEO of Kennis Music Group Kenny Ogungbe,and all other celebrities, Marvelous Benjy was spotted there and this time he finally apologises to  Kenny Ogungbe for all the misunderstanding they had have over the years by humbling kneeling down .We hope both of them get along once more for music  business .


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