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Marriage has to be fed – TD Jakes


Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7:34 explains that singleness is a blessing. He said that he that is unmarried, cares for the things of the lord.

He is talking about the freedom that a single person has to pray, to go back to school, to explore gifts and talents they have.

Married people do not have time to do most things that single people do, because the more people that are in your life, the more they take from you.

Every time you have a child, a little piece of your time, attention, affection and emotions have to be divided, because they leave off your compassion.

You cannot have a spouse, and it will not alter your life. Because when you bring people into your life, you have to be prepared to feed the relationship.

A lot of people do not know that. It is the simple truth but a lot of people take it for granted.

Most couples do not realise that marriage does not work organically-on its own, it has to be fed. They think they can get a man or a woman in their life, and continue like nothing has changed.

Learn how to feed your marriage and make it grow, in this video by Bishop TD Jakes.


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