LOL! A fake Hulk Hogan is in Lagos…and he’s being treated like a king (Photos)


So there is a fake Hulk Hogan in Lagos, Nigeria at the moment and he has successfully fooled everyone including Police officers and celebrities.

A few days ago, actor, Ik Ogbonna announced the wrestler’s arrival by posting a photo of himself with the ‘Hulk Hogan’ saying “Time out with world famous veteran wrestler — Hulk Hogan”
This man sure looks like Hulk Hogan and was spotted with full police escort in Mushin, Lagos, treated like a star this morning.

However, we have just found that the real Hulk Hogan hasn’t been to Nigeria – a fan tweeted at him asking if he is in indeed in Nigeria at the moment and he denied it.
He is in Montreal.
So, it’s either someone invited this impersonator to fool people or … over to yo!

Oh by the way, this is not the first time a big star has been successfully impersonated –


last year Psy (Ghangam style star) was impersonated by someone who fooled many celebrities at the Cannes film festival.
Real Psy in white/Fake in black
He got 5 star treatments,hung out with stars until the real Psy was spotted on a live show performing in the US.

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