Linda Ikeji says Drake isn’t a great artist


media entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji has refuted a report crowning American rapper, Drake as the second greatest musician of all times.

A foreign publication had described the American rapper as the greatest artist after late Michael Jackson.

The site wrote,

“After Michael Jackson, Drake is the greatest musician to ever grace the mic”.

Disputing it, Linda Ikeji stated that the rapper and father of one isn’t among her top 10.

Making her own list, she crowned Beyonce as the second greatest artist after MJ.

Linda went on to list her favorite singers, which includes, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Usher, R Kelly and Rihanna.

For her, these aforementioned artists are better than Drake.

“I don’t agree! Beyonce next. Then R Kelly. Then Whitney Houston. The. Lionel Richie. Then Usher. Drake is not even in my top 10. Rihanna is even a greater artist..”.


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