A Letter from Catholic Fruitful Prayer Group


Fruitful Ministry prayer group was born out of passion and concern for people who are in dire need of God’s assistance in their predicament.

Some of our present members, who had problem of the fruit of the womb (bareness), approached Bro. Sunday Nwafor for assistance in prayer.

This was actually the origin of the name “fruitful”. We prayed together (both husbands and wives). God answered prayers and there came testimonies even the testimony of healings began to manifest.

The number began to increase, so we decided to be gathering at the cathedral premise for prayers and encouragement through the sharing of the word of God.

Our  major motive is the salvation of souls (salus animarum) and to assist one another in both spiritual and corporal need. We  also have in their agenda the intention to reach out to the poor and the less privileged of our society.



This we have already begun by organizing annual programme where we reach out to the poor and the less privileged with what we have received from God after the mind of the early Christian community.


We are just a group within a group (Catholic Church), seeking for spiritual devotedness through prayers, sharing of the word of God and mutual giving. May God bless us all as we continue the heavenly race on earth as pilgrims. Amen.


Yours faithfully,

Evang. Jude Nwafor.

Founder / General overseer.

Holy Family Cathedral Bello Way Sokoto, Sokoto State.


Mrs Agnes Nwafor (Founder / General overseer Wife)


Bro Cyril Ugbeneugo (Coordinator)


Sis Christiana Okafor (Secretary)

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